What to Know About Pigeon Roof Damage Near Bellevue

pigeon roof damagePigeons may seem harmless and you even probably toss them some bread crumbs every now and then. However, these feathered creatures you feed on the ground like to roost in high places, including roofs. Pigeon roof damage can be expensive and can also damage HVAC systems, telephone poles, and much more.

How Pigeons Damage Residential Roofs

Pigeon droppings are especially problematic due to the fact that they are highly acidic and can erode shingles and the membrane underneath. This can drastically reduce the lifespan of most residential roofing materials. The droppings are also a source of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, which is especially dangerous to house cats that spend a great deal of time on rooftops. 

How Pigeons Damage Commercial Roofs

Pigeons may roost on the flat surface of commercial roofs, causing damage to sheet metal and asphalt. Some may choose to set up a nest in the openings of rooftop HVAC systems, which also causes serious issues. Pigeons may also create a nest inside electric signs, and since nesting materials are flammable, this causes a serious fire hazard.

How to Prevent Roosting and Nesting

Pigeons settle in areas with ample food supply. Restaurants and food manufacturing plants should seal off garbage containers. Pigeons also gravitate to wherever water is present, so be sure to eliminate open water sources. You can also install electric strips that emit electric shocks. Similar measures include repellent glue, reflective tape, and bird spikes.

Need Help With Pigeon Roof Damage Near Bellevue?

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Help With Pigeon Roof Damage Near Bellevue

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