Considerations for Restaurant Roof Protection

restaurant roof protectionNot just any type of commercial roofing will suffice for a restaurant or facility that prepares food. Due to discharge from exhaust fans, the roof can quickly degrade. We’ll explain the considerations necessary for adequate restaurant roof protection.

Why a Restaurant Roof Requires Extra Protection

The roof exhaust system releases gas from stoves, ovens, and grills. It may also release remnants of grease. Prolonged exposure causes roofing surfaces to deteriorate, making them soft and spongy. The fumes and oil will also wear out seam adhesives, causing them to lose their bond. For roofs with thermoplastic, the surface will form blisters.

That’s not all. Vented grease may collect around the exhaust fan. This creates trip hazards, not to mention possible pest infestation. Your facility may also be in violation of EPA regulations. Water runoff could potentially carry the grease into the ground or sewer system.

Prevention Measures

New roofing technology can expel grease. Owners should also have some sort of grease containment system in place. This can be a simple catch pan or collection bucket under the exhaust fan. Some grease, though, may still reach the roof membrane. This method also requires frequent monitoring.

A better solution is a built-in catch system with replaceable filters. The filters absorb grease and solids while allowing moisture to pass through. Some of the more advanced filters contain enzyme neutralizers that protect the system from the acidic particles in the grease.

If grease has already reached the roof, then you will need to bring in a professional for a thorough cleaning. Depending on the damage, you may need to replace the roof membrane around the exhaust fan.

We Fortify Restaurant Roofs

Call Roofing & Construction if you’re a Seattle-based restaurant owner. Residential roofs may also benefit from similar protections. Our additional services include various add-ons for roof fortification. Due to the proximity of non-stop exhaust, restaurant roofs need special protection considerations.

High-Quality Roofing Options for Seattle Restaurants

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