Managing Roofing Adhesives in Cold Weather

roofing adhesivesLate fall and early winter is when the Pacific Northwestern chills begin setting in. Can you perform maintenance work on your residential roof during this time? This is an important question because cold weather affects roofing adhesives. Without the right techniques, the adhesives may not dry and create a solid seal.

How Cold Weather Affects Roofing Adhesives

Cold temperatures change an adhesive’s physical properties, causing it to become rigid. This makes the compound unusable, possibly bringing roofing work to a halt. You need adhesives for securing the roof membrane.

Storage and Transportation Issues

Using adhesives in cold weather is only one part of the problem. You also need to store the material in a temperature-controlled warehouse. When transporting it to the project site, you have to keep it in a pre-warmed vehicle. Furthermore, when bringing the adhesive out of the vehicle, you have to store it in an insulated bag or case.

Even then, roofers may still have to limit the project to certain days of the week if the weather is just too cold for the adhesive to bond. This means much of the early stages of the roofing work includes analyzing the weather and managing workflow around it.

Why We’re Mentioning This

We bring this up to emphasize that any form of roofing work is more complex than meets the eye. Homeowners attempting any DIY work may not be aware of intricacies that can affect the end result. This is why it’s imperative that all residential and commercial roofing be left to a professional—especially in the winter.

Leave Winter Roofing Work to Us

Though extra precautions are in order, we are perfectly adept at taking on wintertime roofing work. Contact Roofing and Construction to schedule a renovation or other service around New Years. Managing roofing adhesives in cold weather is only one of many variables.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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