Use a Data Warehouse Roof To Protect Your Information

data warehouse roofsMore businesses are beginning to store their data in the cloud. Even so, many still rely on in-house data warehouses for storing their digital information. Businesses need to safeguard their data not just from hackers, but from natural elements as well. A sturdy commercial roof protects your data warehouse from extreme heat and cold.

Why Roof Quality Matters

The roof may directly block sunlight, but the panels may also be collecting heat that causes the temperature to rise inside the data warehouse. Heat is the greatest enemy of anything made up of internal circuit boards. Too much heat can result in condensation buildup inside the circuitry and cause damage. Heat can also melt the capacitor and cause short circuits in motherboards.

Certain roofing materials, such as metal, are also known to collect heat and retain it long after the sun has gone down. This is especially true of darker-colored panels as well as the tar paper beneath. This isn’t to say that these materials are inferior. It’s just that they may not be the best choice for data warehouses and some commercial roofs. Luckily, Bellevue isn’t exactly known for blistering climates, so this isn’t a major concern for businesses in the area.


We recommend white or light-colored roof panels for facilities storing data centers. Light colors reflect sunlight, whereas dark colors trap it. Business owners may also consider roof gardens that absorb some of the heat. Owners should also be careful about running an indoor humidifier. Humidity levels in a data warehouse should not exceed 80%.

We’ll Install the Right Roof Type

We’ll modify your roof so that it keeps your data warehouse interior at the right temperature. Roofing and Construction provides a full range of repair and installation services for commercial and residential roofs. Roofs for data warehouses should consist of materials that keep the interior—and therefore the data drives—cool.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Roofing Modifications for Data Storage Sites

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