Flat Roof Drainage Systems

Flat Roof Drainage SystemsFlat roofs have been around just about as long as sloped roofs. A flat surface, however, means the need exists for a more complex drainage solution. Otherwise, pooling can occur the minute the area experiences a rain spell. Pooling leads to leaks and premature deterioration of the roof membrane. We’ll go over the three primary types of drainage systems for flat roofs and how they work at keeping roof puddles at bay.


Gutters are the typical drainage systems seen on residential roofs. They consist of an open pipe affixed to the edge of the roof and ends with a downspout. Gutters are just as applicable for flat roofs. Plus, they’re also a cost-effective solution since they can be installed without making any structural changes to the roof itself.


Scuppers were originally installed on ships to shuttle water away from the deck. They’re also available for some commercial roofs. Scuppers typically require the additional installation of a tapered insulation system in order to draw water to the opening. Scuppers are great for areas with heavy rain, though they’re not the best at handling melting snow. Of course, the latter isn’t a major concern since the Bellevue area is not really known for snowfall.

Interior Drains

Interior drains are installed at intervals closer to the center rather than at the edge. An internal network of pipes carries the water outside the building. These drains often come with a strainer or some other mesh covering that keeps leaves and other debris out. Installation is a bit pricier due the need to restructure part of the roof having to accommodate the internal pipes.

We’ll Install a Drainage for Your Flat Roof

Contact Roofing & Construction, LLC to have some type of drainage put in place. Our services include various flat roof drainage systems that prevent damage caused by pooling water.

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