The Benefits of a Butterfly Roof

butterfly roofThinking about rebuilding your entire roof? This is your chance to consider a new design that is equally as efficient as it is visually appealing. One style we recommend is a butterfly roof. It’s a somewhat unconventional design that appeals to some homeowners and even businesses.

What Is a Butterfly Roof?

Butterfly roofs slope inward. This is the opposite of typical roofs; they slope away from the center. Butterfly roofs somewhat resemble a butterfly lifting up its wings, hence the name. This design encompassed a lot of residential roofs in suburban homes during the 1950s.

What Are the Benefits?

Butterfly roofs add a unique flair from an architectural standpoint. There are practical considerations as well. One benefit is the ability to direct rainwater away. Many people believe that the inward slope encourages water to collect and remain on the roof. However, this is not the case when the slope is properly designed.

In some cases, the water runoff can be directed to plants and gardens directly below. Homeowners that are into sustainability may even install a tank that collects the water. This water is then purified and used for showering or even drinking.

Another benefit is wind resistance. Butterfly roofs are really aerodynamic due to their design. This enables them to hold up well against strong gusts.

Finally, the shape of the roof means there are no low-hanging eaves. This gives you a full and unobstructed view, and it allows in more sunlight. This is a huge benefit for commercial buildings that need to lower utility use.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Butterfly Roof

Are you constructing a new home? Are you overhauling your entire existing roof? Call Roofing & Construction, LLC, to begin the renovations. Our additional services cover components, such as gutters and downspouts to direct water away from the inward slope of a butterfly roof.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Butterfly Roof Designs for a 1950s Charm

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